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    NEW JERSEY!!! 8/23 back to the eastcoast!! 👀🔥♥️💯 see you soon!!! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 tickets @ www.kintosol.com
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    last night ✨top by the talented @dreamheauxapparel 💖
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    with my drinking buddy lol chivo 🍻
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    its far from easy. this one is dedicated to all the homegirls who became mothers while they were still children themselves. the mommas who hold their tears in front of their kids. the mommas who worry about making it through another month. the mommas who feel like they aren’t good enough. the moms who get shamed for needing some alone time. the mommas who are struggling with mental health issues and feel overwhelmed. the mommas who struggle with issues no one knows about yet still get up EVERY SINGLE DAY because of one simple reason.. the LOVE they have for their children. dont feel any less girl, i know the struggle. know you ARENT ALONE in this. to the moms to came before me and the ones who will come after us.. MOTHERHOOD is a SISTERHOOD and NONE OF US ARE PERFECT. we shouldn’t be shaming moms. to any mom reading this who may be feeling stressed out and overwhelmed with her life, her relationship, the house, the kids.. you are in my THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS. take time for yourselves if you can. ask for help when you need it. try and make time for YOURSELF and breath! motherhood is tough, but are STRONG BABYDOLL! you are PERFECT in your child’s eyes, you are THEIR EVERYTHING. don’t lose hope, things will get better 🌹. with so many unfortunate things in the news regarding mental health and moms who snap, this came at a perfect time to remind you not to forget to take care of YOURSELF. you are a mom, not a machine. mental health is of the essence. if you know a mom going through a hard time, specially if she is alone, reach out to her and lend an ear to her. talking/venting helps so much! we shouldn’t feel alone in this when there are so many of us around to listen. 💯
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    SAN FRANCISCO 9/6 🔥🌹finally the city by the bay!!! all the dolls from the bay, san jo, oakland, sacramento etc come thru cause its ONE NIGHT ONLY!! & with these artists.. uff simply amazing!! MEET & GREET TICKETS @ www.kintosol.com
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    LOS ANGELES, CA 9/7 🔥💖city of angels 🍻 always such a treat to come here!!! you know i am beyond excited. my sad girls, don’t miss out!! MARK YOUR CALENDARS chulas!! no excuses, plan ahead lol ♥️🌹💋 get your MEET & GREET TICKETS @ www.kintosol.com 💞see you soon!!
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    sometimes you have to take a step back in order to view the entire situation. 🔥🌹
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    my motivation, a reminder of a dream that came true. 💞🌹
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    NORTH LARGO, FLORIDA 7/13☀️🌊 we cant wait to see you guys out there its been a hot minute since i been to florida so lets see 💖💋 MEET AND GREET TICKETS @ www.kintosol.com 🔥come thru! xoxo
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    🎭 smile now babygirl, youve already cried enough. 💞