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    ladies... 🙌🏼
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    decided to run off to time square yesterday ♥️ i definitely NEED to come back with time! #bucketlist check 🙌🏼 had a ton of fun. thank you to everyone who came out in JERSEY to see us last night 🌹the vibe out here with you guys is ALWAYS a BEAUTIFUL one ♥️xoxo
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    SAN ANTO 9/29 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ tejas will FOREVER have a part of my heart. cant wait to see you ladies out there!!! family event so come and enjoy yourselves out there with me and of course beautiful cars & beautiful women. 🌹 also.... FYI WE WILL BE HAVING A SADGIRLS SEMINAR SAN ANTO EDITION @ night this same day😂myself and @justin_loca BEEN ready lol long over due! details will be posted in september! see you soon!🔥
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    NEW JERSEY TOMORROW 8/23!! 🔥its always a weird, but good feeling when i get to go to the eastcoast for shows. for most of my career i always thought that there was no way people out there listened to my kind of music since i dont consider my stuff hip hop/lyrical BUT THEY DO! lol last time in NY i was shooketh lol to see how much love they have ♥️ there is raza EVERYWHERE! 🇲🇽 see you in a bit! for tickets hit up kintosol.com 🙌🏼
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    ella fue, ella es Y SIEMPRE SERA LA REINA DEL REGGEATON 👑 @ivyqueendiva
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    TULSA, OKLAHOMA 9/20 ♥️ gracias a dios el trabajo no falta 👍🏼 cant wait to see you girls out there! 🌹meet& greet tickets available @ kintosol.com 💋
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    3 MASS SHOOTINGS in a week.. 2 in less than 24hrs. now its not “take care because you never know..” now its more like YOU KNOW its only a matter of time before it happens again and again and again.. are we being negative? OH WELL, better to know than to pretend we dont see whats going on! #california #texas #ohio
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    we haven’t even begun to recover from the GILROY, CA shooting and now EL PASO, TX — and during a time where this PIECE OF SHIT KNEW that CHILDREN are out with their parents doing back to school shopping! the more updates that come out on this, the higher the number of FATALITIES, the videos of people dead in front of the store.. bodies just thrown as if human life was worth nothing!? my heart aches and i cant help but tear up knowing that could be ANY ONE OF US!!!! going out with our kids to a place where you wouldn’t imagine some shit like this happening and for a DUMB FUCK to decide to DESTROY FAMILIES AND LIVES walk in there and you or your kids are now dead? my heart goes out to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who was there. sending PRAYERS to all the families, the injured and may the victims REST IN PEACE. you didnt deserve this, NO ONE DID. #elpasoshooting
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    el paso and gilroy my heart goes out to you. #prayforelpaso #prayforgilroy #prayforallofus
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    en el bisne 🖤