Lowrider Girls Tee

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in honor of the community which has given me some of the best PERSONAL MOMENTS OF MY CAREER 🙌🏻 moments that on a personal level if you have known me long enough YOU KNOW exactly what i am referring to the times i have done meet and greets at the Lowrider magazine SUPERSHOWS.. moments that have watched me grow into the woman i am today, confidence spilling all over the place 👍🏼 personal goals which i was able to meet and somehow.. for some reason.. the LOWRIDER shows were the backdrop for them to be unveiled 🌹 i wanted to show my gratitude and love back with this t-shirt in honor of all the lowrider clubs which are the reason those events come together, the tons of kind people who i have had the pleasure of meeting during those times. i have an immense RESPECT for these beautiful cars and for the owners which have shown me love and let me take pictures with their cars, APPRECIATION. it meant more to me to be able to be there.. than anyone will ever know. ❤️ FOR ALL MY LOWRIDIN’ SAD GIRLS.. now we have our own tee. its not a crop top, its a regular t-shirt so everybody can rock it 🎭🔥