such a beautiful picture of this mujeron right here. closed my eyes over 15yrs agoand imagined this exact picture. - Ms Krazie

Where it all began



The one and only Ms Krazie is a queen on the mic taking the rap scene by storm with her reign. Possessing a skillful delivery whether she flows in English or Spanish has many taking notice. Alternately aggressive and vulnerable, Ms Krazie always comes correct, rapping with a piercing and raw honesty about the experiences that have shaped her life. A multi-talented artist, she also lends her own singing voice to the choruses of her songs truly making her an undeniably versatile talent in the rap game.

Her music has received radio playon numerous stations throughout the states including a weeks-long run as the undefeated 8 O’Clock Knockout champion on Palm Springs’ U-92.7FM. She has toured coast to coast in the U.S. and performed in Mexico as well.



From East to West



Always on the hustle, practicing and perfecting her craft, she networked and ended signing with Urban Kings Music Group.

Ms Krazie’s notable collaborations include artists such as MC Magic on songs like 2008’s “Let Me Love You” off her own Smile Now Cry Never release as well as 2011’s D. Salas produced “Reasons” featured on MC Magic’s The Rewire album. She has also appeared on a number of Urban Kings compilation albums as well as on tracks with numerous artists on the label.

Discover my music, my inspirations

« My albums are my life turned into song lyrics, titles and images. if you want to know anything about me, its within these records and in an exact timeline as well. my albums are like books, each a chapter of the best and the worst moments of my life. i have never sugar coated any of it and this new album is no different. its like i’ve carried my heart on the tip of tongue. im just happy to be here. 🌹 »


– America Ms Krazie


Ms Krazie In "Washington"