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Ms Krazie first show


Sep 21, 2018

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    been a bit mia lately but all with good reason 👌🏼 i have been working on this set of necklaces for a minute now and finally gracias a dios everything is coming together. in 2008 around this same time, my album “smile now cry never” was released and to date next to “sadgirls club” has been one of my most successful projects. i have YOU guys to thank for it. all the support you have shown my endeavors does not go unnoticed y se los agradesco muchisimo. i decided to created this set in honor of everything that project meant and all the things and people that have came along the way to get us to today. keep both, wear one or the other depending on where you feel you are in life currently or even simply by mood alone.. or share one with your “balance”, a person in your life who has been there through all the bullshit. this is my version of a “best friends” necklace. we all have that one person in our lives who will either sit there and drink with us OR be there to remind us of our worth when we forgotten. if you have that person OR if you ARE that person yourself. are you guided by your emotions, do you still love hard or have you allowed the world to hardened you in order to not allow yourself to ever feel that way again? 💞 available 6/28 @shophelloloca 🎭
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    ORLANDO FLORIDA 7/12 🌊☀️see you soon! so excited to get to see you florida babydolls and catch some water and sun while we at it lol come thru! MEET& GREET TICKETS AVAILABLE 🔥 www.kintosol.com ♥️
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    aside from everything, one thing i cant deny is the fact he is a great father. happy fathers day guys! remember a little goes a long way helping your girl out with your kids! it is thanks to this that i am even able to go on tour for you guys or able to continue creating music. ♥️
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    2019 to the 2020 &BEYOND.. worrying about only ME, MY FAM &our well being. if we aint straight, if we aint fed, there is no way in HELL i will be feeding ANYONE ELSE. took me a VERY LONG TIME to realize people will ALWAYS look out for themselves FIRST& guess what, SO WILL I now. if the tables were turned, those people who will call you “greedy” and “selfish” would be the first ones to NOT GIVE A SHIT about you and save their own asses FIRST AND FOREMOST! don’t ever think someone would rather put food in your mouth than in their kids, in business or on the streets.. LOOK OUT FOR YOU AND YOURS POINT BLANK PERIOD. those who have an issue over that, are only uncovering their TRUE MOTIVES with you. those are the USERS, the ones who will smile to your face because they have something to gain FROM YOU.. NOT because they are your friends lol SPECIALLY IN BUSINESS where there is $ involved. i see it this way.. as long as you arent out there screwing people over, you shouldn’t feel bad over hurting someone else’s feeling while PROTECTING YOURS FIRST! people who TRULY GIVE A SHIT about you will want to see you RISE &GET YOUR BAGS.. those whos hidden agenda HAS ALWAYS BEEN TO USE YOU will be the first to jump and ACT HURT to try and make you feel like you doing something wrong.. YOU AINT. FAMILY FIRST, YOU FIRST, PROTECT YOURS and then everyone else you care for but NEVER the other way around cause they wouldnt EVER do that shit for you! one of my BIGGEST MISTAKES has always been caring about others feeling before my own, till now. good day. 🙌🏼💓💎
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    try it! intentalo! if it dont work out, oh well, at least youll know and you wont stay wondering what if! LA VIDA PASA VOLANDO! ive learned to just throw myself out there on all kinds of situations as EMBARRASSING as they might be. its like a voice in my head wont let me stay comfortable anymore. it wont let me just “play it safe” over fear of hacer un ridiculo lol i just do it now and laugh about it later lol TAKE THIS AS YOUR SIGN TO TAKE ACTION BBYGIRLS! as for me i’ll continue to be that lady doing “young and crazy” things i didnt get to do 10yrs ago cause now i actually am ALLOWING MYSELF to do and proud to entertain yall in the process. 🥰
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    ella 💓 top by @dreamheauxapparel
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    i remember hearing his voice for the first time (fermin iv) and thinking oh my god his voice, i want to do that.. i want to sound like that. thinking i want people to tell my voice apart from everyone else’ even if its their first time hearing a song they’ve never heard.. and then thats exactly what i did 👌🏼 think about something so much, you apply yourself and you make it happen. this album will forever be a classick, 1997 my inspiration, hearing this bump through the streets of tangamandapio michoacan created this woman. ♥️🙌🏼🇲🇽
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    just a reminder. I SEE YOU REINAS all over my feed with killer makeup looks, my GORGEOUS natural curves homegirls, my BOOTYLICIOUS fellow surgery sisters and the girls who are out there BOSSIN’. you DONT need anyone to tell you what you ALREADY BEEN KNEW, you THAT bitch. 🔥
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    cant believe we are almost half way through the year. this has been a GREAT one so far y lo que falta. gracias a DIOS y a ustedes that haved continued to support my work. sending nothing but positive vibes to YOU reading this. may JUNE and the rest of the year paint you an amazing picture 🙏🏼💎🌹