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Ms Krazie first show


Sep 21, 2018

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    hello 🌹
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    we dont give ourselves enough credit. i look around an realize all the crazy stuff we have been through to get to TODAY and the fact we are STILL STANDING ladies.. is nothing short of a BLESSING. take a moment to ADMIRE YOURSELF just like you admire all those other people who to you.. are CHINGONAS/ES. life is NOT easy.. but babygirl WE have done an AMAZING JOB surviving things other people have CHECKED OUT (from life) immediately on. whatever you FAITH may be.. like we say in mexico.. SOMOS UNA CHINGONERIA de mujeres TU Y YO. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
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    to all the victims involved, the 2 students who have passed away SO FAR& their parents. may GOD grant you strength. 😞 as for the shooter, i heard he is STILL alive.. that he shot himself and didn’t die.. someone should disconnect his ass already.. #saugushighschool
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    brown love, aint nothing sweeter🌹🇲🇽 necklace available at @shophelloloca ♥️
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    “todavia sigo aqui kicking back en la cuadra.. es el recuento de las cosas que eh vivido y lo que pasa..”🎶
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    may november be everything we need and more 🍂 working on all the holiday @shophelloloca jewelry releases♥️ keep posted 🔥🙌🏼 saludos babydolls!
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    beautiful flowers from my son and my husband ♥️ and plaques from @spotify @urbankings thank you for everything. 🎭
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    if she loves you, she will take care of you lol ♥️
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    today was all about reminiscing.. the GOLDEN years of CHICANO RAP, more specifically the OLDIES RAP part of it and how GRATEFUL i am to have had the opportunity to be all up in the mix during that time. to have gotten the chance to experience those years as an ARTIST and most importantly as a SONG WRITER. to leave a piece of my heart out here on god’s green earth which will be here long after i am gone.. at the reach of everyone. THIS album right here.. FIRME HOMEGIRL OLDIES 2 specially, will FOREVER be a testament of pain. people constantly ask me, “when can we expect new music?” and the answer to that has ALWAYS been the same for me. i DONT write just to write and i sure as fuc DONT write to stay “relevant”. my albums are my life stories, love and PAIN. pain so emotionally and mentally devastating to me that the best way for me deal with it is by writing. i gather situations, experiences, feelings emotions until i can no longer keep em to myself and them bam.. here comes an album. i don’t know when, how or even if! it will just happen when and IF its meant to be. i will admit that every time a spanish oldie plays, i can picture how i would flip it and my heart just knows what it knows.. im a fool in love. its a bittersweet thing these records.. but i am so glad i have had the opportunity to write and share the life and times of this loca with you. 🌹
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    lmao you know these as facts.. 😩
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    seeing what works. if this one comes out legit then ill know that the rest of the BROWN.. family of words lol should look legit. ♥️ 🇲🇽 and u know theres a few that would look bomb AF as necklaces that i would love to sport myself 😉
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    PINCHE ESQUINKLA LA TAL “SARITA” SOSA hija de jose jose, es PEOR QUE UNA VIVORA! quizo mas a el dinero, que a SU PAPA! ojala y si le den en su madre cuando valla a mexico como pinche piñata..